Road biking tour in the Dolomite passes

Road biking in the Dolomites: Passo Giau, Fedaia, Gardena, Pordoi, Sella, and Campolongo, offer winding mountain passes and spectacular views. Popular with cycling enthusiasts of all levels. An exhilarating way to explore these stunning UNESCO Dolomite mountains in South Tyrol.

The sunrise seen from Seceda in Val Gardena
Never say 'no' to adventures!
In this part of northern Italy, you shall find a new perspective on life. The extraordinary blend of Italian, Ladin, and German culture is reflected in traditions, food, and culture. But above all, the mountains and lakes will delight your eyes.
Cycling the Dolomites Passo Gardena by Road Bike
Hiking from Vittorio Veneto to the Dolomites
Discover the Dolomites on an enchanting loop adventure from Vittorio Veneto. Immerse yourself in scenic trails, savor delectable local cuisine, and capture priceless memories along the way.
Road Biking Bliss: Explore Alta Badia and Conquer Dolomites Passes
330 km & 10.000 m difference in level
Embark on an exhilarating cycling adventure through the majestic Dolomites, conquering challenging passes in a 330 km tour with a remarkable 10,000 m difference in elevation.
07 Jun 2024 - 12 Jun 2024
13 Sep 2024 - 18 Sep 2024
View from Sasso Croce on the Val Badia and the surrounding peaks
A sport a day, drives the stress away!
Break free of routines, and live adventure! Fly, navigate, climb, challenge limits, and rediscover instinct. The Dolomites are freedom!
Road biking Adventure Alta Badia
Tailor-Made Dolomites Road Bike Tours
Experience exhilarating road biking in the Dolomites! Navigate iconic passes, scenic routes, and challenging climbs amidst breathtaking alpine landscapes.
06 Jun 2024 - 11 Jun 2024
21 Jun 2024 - 26 Jun 2024
12 Sep 2024 - 17 Sep 2024